Footloose From Phoenix: Some Pretty Amazing Hikes
Table of Contents
1.  Welcome to Arizona
Seasonal Hikes
Hike Rating Systems
One-Way and Key-Exchange Hikes
What to Carry on Day Hikes
Map Notation
2.  Northwest Passages
Eagletail Mountains: Western Natural Arch
Bumble Bee: Bland Hill
Sierra Estrella: Rainbow Valley Loop
New River Mountains: Cave Creek Loop
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3.  Goldfields and Mazatzals
Goldfields: Usery Pass Loop
Goldfields: Blue and Gold Ridges
Goldfields: Hill 2726
Mazatzals: Sunflower Foothills
4.  Tonto National Forest
Tonto National Forest: Coronado Mesa
Tonto National Forest: Mesquite Ridge
Tonto National Forest: Mesquite Flat
Tonto National Forest: Goldfield Oven
Saguaro Lake: Butcher Jones Trail
5.  Superstition Wilderness
Superstitions: Massacre Site Rock
Superstitions: Hackberry Loop
Superstitions: West Garden Valley
Superstitions: Hackberry Spring to Canyon Lake
Superstitions: Old West Boulder Canyon
Superstitions: Coffee Flat Mountain
Superstitions: Needle Canyon Life March
6.  Superior
Superior: Apache Leap
Superior: King’s Crown Peak
Superior: Reavis Trail Canyon
Superior: Montana Mountain
7.  Mogollon Rim
Mogollon Rim: Pivot Rock Canyon
Pine: Pine Canyon
Sitgreaves National Forest: Rim to 260
8.  Sedona
Sedona: Courthouse Butte to Morgan Road
Sedona: Cibola Pass Loop
Sedona: David Miller Trail
9.  Flagstaff
Flagstaff: Horse Lake
Flagstaff: Schultz Creek Loop
Flagstaff: Sunset to Buffalo Park