Footloose From Phoenix: Some Pretty Amazing Hikes
My thanks to these wonderful folks!
Mike Brady For leading my first Sedona hike on the Brins Mesa Trail.
Jack Carlson For advising me about Valley View Canyon.
Cyd Cassel For taking the original picture of a rock with a face in Pivot Rock Canyon. We have yet to find it, by the way.
Michael Humphrey For leading my first hike from Buffalo Park in Flagstaff and my first hike to the Western Natural Arch in the Eagletail Mountains.
Laurie Jacobson For leading my first Cave Creek Loop hike.
Ken McGinty For leading my first hikes to Apache Leap, Bland Hill, Coffee Flat Mountain, Coronado Mesa, and King’s Crown Peak. By example Ken taught me everything worth knowing about being a hike leader.
Debbie Mulgrew For leading my first hike on the Butcher Jones Trail.
Chuck Parsons For leading my first hike on the David Miller Trail in Sedona.
Linda Ramsey For helping me scout and then lead the Needle Canyon Life March.
Ray Sucato For leading my first hike on the Ben Avery Trail.
Tom Van Lew
Jeannie Van Lew
For founding the Motorola Hiking Club, which later became the Arizona Trailblazers; and for leading my first Rim Vista Loop hike.
Mike Wargel For leading my first Bell Rock to Morgan Road hike.
Roger Warren For helping me scout the Blue and Gold Ridges hike.
Peter Yanover For helping me scout the Hill 2726 hike.
Bill Zimmermann For leading my first Sunflower Foothills hike in the Mazatzals.