Footloose from Phoenix: Some Pretty Amazing Hikes
Peak 3269
Trail to adventure in the northern Superstitions.

Phoenix is blessed with attractive mountain ranges nearby and a network of roads to reach them. The climate is heavenly more than half the year. For summer hiking, trails in northern Arizona are easily accessible. Although this guidebook doesn’t attempt to list every trail in every mountain range, it does include detailed descriptions of some of the most enjoyable hikes that are often overlooked. Topographic hiking maps are derived from United States Geological Survey (USGS) 7 1/2 minute quadrangles, NASA aerial photography, and my own GPS readings.

Change occurs in the wilderness. Rocks roll. Natural events such as floods, landslides, erosion, volcanoes and tectonic plate movement; and human activity involving trails, roads, waterways, and construction, continually reshape the hiking experience. All of the maps in this book are as accurate as possible. Hiking maps will be updated online whenever the author finds out about changes which affect them.

Hikes in this book range from the easiest to the most challenging. They are rated according to the ABCD system developed by Arizona’s Grand Canyon chapter of the Sierra Club and later adopted by the Arizona Outdoor and Travel Club, the Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club, and other fine organizations. Because the hikes are geographically separated, they are shown on separate maps.

If you are visiting Arizona or live here, these hikes are yours to enjoy.