Updates to Footloose from Phoenix
December 8, 2016
Some trails have been rerouted.
Any updates the author finds out about will appear in future editions.
page, location on the page what needs to be updated
41,  bottom Map 3
The Rainbow Valley Trail and the Toothaker Trail have been rerouted in places. Now, instead of going almost to the top, the Rainbow Valley Trail takes a roundabout way with more distance and less elevation gain. The Toothaker Trail is longer but smoother.   See GPS Map.
57,  bottom Map 5
The Pass Mountain Trail has been rerouted to bypass the worst washouts in the bajada section.   See GPS Map.
205 bottom, 213 middle directions to Whitford Canyon and Happy Camp Trailheads
Modifications to US 60 have moved the turn for FR 8 a half mile closer to Superior. It’s now opposite the turn for Boyce Thompson Arboretum.
•  Take US 60 toward Superior to the turn for Boyce Thompson Arboretum.
Turn left (north) off the highway. Reset your trip odometer.
Turn right and go east 1.4 miles on FR 8.
Turn left and go north on FR 650.
Whitford Canyon Trailhead is on the left after 4.2 miles, just across the wash.
Happy Camp Trailhead is on the left after 4.5 miles.
237,  middle [34 Y]
They were logging south of Rim Top Trailhead in 2016, and now part of the Rim Lakes Vista Trail is a dirt road. It leads to a new communications tower.

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