Dolly Steamboat, May 25, 2013 GPS Map

When Jacque and I took the Dolly Steamboat dinner cruise years ago, I had inexplicably forgotten to bring my camera. Sure remembered it this time! The rocks plunging down into Canyon Lake are wild and colorful. You get to see places that would be very hard to hike to. The late afternoon sun works wonders.

Dinner was tasty. Several couples were celebrating their anniversary and one young couple got engaged, right here on the Dolly Steamboat dinner cruise.

As we drove home in the twilight Jacque and I saw a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury – three planets hobnobbing in the sky as they do every once in a while. They were just above the western horizon. Some folks say that Astronomy should be everybody’s second science. Don’t you believe it! For some, Astronomy should be their first science.

Hello, Dolly! Here comes Jacque and Ted.
Canyon Lake is well patrolled, for which we’re glad.
Thankful I was somewhere else when those rocks rolled.
The first of several arches that grace the canyon wall.
Century plants enjoy a lofty perch above the lake.
Mastodon lurks in a cave beside the water.
A great stone bear overlooks the lake.
Evening shadows creep into Crucifix Canyon, near our turnaround point.
Cliffs plunge vertically into the water.
The view from the tower must be grand, but no climbing.
Buttes of volcanic tuff towering over Canyon Lake catch the last rays of the sun.

  Arizona Hike Pictures updated September 23, 2017