Winter Drive to Globe, Arizona, March 9, 2013

We were thinking about a spring flower drive through Globe, Show Low, and Payson, but the weather man had other ideas. It was overcast and drizzling as we left our home in Mesa. Then on the approach to Superior we started seeing snow on the mountains to the east. By the time we got through the Queen Creek Tunnel there was snow beside the highway.

Fortunately the road wasn’t frozen over — but it sure will be a mess tonight. We drove through snow up and over the pass, then down into Globe where we had lunch at Libby’s El Rey. A favorite!

There will be spring flowers. But after looking at all that snow, Jacque and I decided to save Show Low and Payson for another day. We drove back home on US 60, enjoying several waterfalls we had never seen before.

The mountains north of Oak Flat are snowcapped.
From the top, east of the doggie diner.
Dripping Spring Mountains are shrouded in low-hanging clouds.
Overpass in Miami for loading ore onto hopper cars.
Rebirth of the doggie diner as Sidewinders.
Peak 5630 rises above the snowy desert.
Climb Peak 5630?   Maybe another day.
There usually isn’t a waterfall at this location on US 60, just east of the Queen Creek Tunnel.
Upper falls.
Lower falls.
Jacque and Ted made it home through the snow.  Spring flowers are in our front yard.

  Arizona Hike Pictures updated September 22, 2017