Mogollon Rim Day Trip, April 25, 2013  GPS Map 

Our first stop was at the Target Canter in Fountain Hills, where Jacque and I scouted a meeting place for hikers in the parking lot. Then we drove to Payson and took a tour of the Rim Country Museum and the replica of Zane Grey’s cabin. There’s a lot of history to be learned on the guided tour.

After lunch in Payson we drove Highway 260 up the Mogollon Rim. FR 300 is paved to the Military Sinkhole Vista, so we stopped for pictures there. It was cool and very breezy, with clouds blowing in.

East to Show Low we saw the effects of the Rodeo-Chedeski fire. After 11 years there are still a lot of tree trunks on the ground, but some new trees have sprouted here and there. We drove southwest to the Salt River Canyon. The light was favorable for pictures from the north side, so I stopped at most of the overlooks and snapped away. Before driving home we gassed up the car and had some fast food in Globe.

Where the Arizona Trailblazers will meet in Fountain Hills.
Jacque and Ted at the Zane Grey Cabin in Payson.
Light and shadow at play on a breezy morning at the Military Sinkhole Vista on the Mogollon Rim.
Weathered boulders take on a Cubist pattern.
These rocks have seen a lot of clouds roll in.
The Salt River has carved a deep canyon through central Arizona.
Caves line the bluffs high above the river.
The river continues to cut its way through rock.
Whitewater rapids challenge the river-runners.
Waterfall upstream of the Highway 60 bridge over the river.

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