Apache Gap Overlook; Goldfield Mountains, September 19, 2014 GPS Map

Live and learn — you zoom first, and then focus.

Leaving home at 5:00 AM, I got to Apache Gap Trailhead while it was still dark. So I got out of my car and listened to the sounds of the desert while waiting for enough light to walk safely. There was babbling water in the stream down below. Owls serenaded me. Also mosquitoes.

On the climb up, it was hard to see in dim light but I made it to the overlook before sunrise. After shooting pictures I looked for a better way down and thought I saw one. Sure enough, there’s a trail. People doing the Horns of a Dilemma hike must have made it. Although I’d missed the trail in dim light on my way up, I marked it with cairns on the way down.

Bulldog Ridge catches the first light of day.
Peaks 3089 and 3047 (upper left), Helmet Rock (lower right) and Dome Mountain with its golden spike.
Tuff Dome, Golden Dome, and Peak 3141.
Northern skyline of the Goldfields overlooks Willow Springs Canyon.
On the way down, a fine view of the 5057' south peak of the Superstitions.
Superstition Ridgeline from the trail down.
Yes, the trail begins here.

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