Sunset from FR 10; Goldfield Mountains, December 13, 2014 GPS Map

It rained most of the day, but by late afternoon the sky was partly cloudy with clean air and a cool wind blowing in from the west. Picture time! We set out for Blue Point Trailhead, hoping to get there in time to reach a good picture spot before sundown.

Our reward was colorful clouds, late afternoon sunlight on the mountains, and a rainbow. Clara was toting her new Canon Rebel T5i digital SLR camera. We both snapped away as the sun sank lower and clouds caught their brightest colors. Then she felt raindrops. We grabbed our gear and hastened to walk back to Blue Point Trailhead before we got soaked.

See also: Clara’s pictures.

Tall saguaro points the way to Bulldog Ridge.
Late afternoon sun on the hills east of Blue Point.
Northwest skyline of the Goldfield Mountains, from FR 10.
Peak 2578.
Stormin’ in the east, toward the Mazatzals.
Interesting shadows to the left of Sky Island.
Rainbow over the Blue Point foothills.
Now you don’t suppose the rain is coming this way?
You know, something tells me we’d better get back to Blue Point before the storm.
Last look back while there’s still some light.

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