Bush Pediment; Goldfield Mountains, October 9, 2014 GPS Map

Had to walk around looking for a place to take pictures of the mountains without too much vegetation getting in the way. Next time we’ll climb one of those foothills north of Lone Mountain.

:) Thanks to my daughter Clara for going with me.

Skyline of the Goldfields, in the late afternoon sun.
Peaks 2662, 2578, and 3097 in the western Goldfields.
Saguaros salute peaks 3075, 3195, 3163, and 3113 on Bulldog Ridge.
Dark, rugged peak 3110, Panorama Peak, Golden Spike and Dome Mountain, and peak 3269.
Three saguaros bid farewell to the setting sun.
Another day has come to an end in the northwest Goldfields.

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