First Water Canyon Overlook; Superstitions, January 15, 2015 GPS Map

The winter sun on this popular overlook should give us unique shadows, I thought as we drove on the Apache Trail Highway to the turnoff between miles 207 and 208. Not a cloud in the late afternoon sky. 70° with a mild breeze.

We watched the shadows progress up the mountainside, in this spectacular canyon that would be famous if it were anywhere but Arizona. When only the last few high spots were illuminated, we walked back to the car.

:)  Thanks to my daughter Beatrix for going with me.

First Water Creek has carved a rugged canyon in the northern Superstitions.
Later, the light is subdued and shadows have crept upward.
That’s rugged country, south of Canyon Lake.
Evening shadows have crept up the hillsides.
Canyon Lake reflects the late afternoon colors.
A rocky road follows the power line.
Nearby pinnacle catches the last rays.

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