Sundown on the Ballantine Trail; Mazatzals, October 19, 2015 GPS Map

The sky looked promising when we left Mesa—lots of sunshine with a few clouds overhead, but ominous clouds in the west. We went anyway. Figured the first hill on the Ballantine Trail would be good for taking sunset pictures. But it wasn’t, this time. Those ominous clouds followed us. After a while there was no sunshine and very little color.

A fellow with his two dogs was on the trail ahead of us. He passed us going back the other way before we started down. But Clara and I can take a hint: we had better get down from here!

Almost made it. But in the dim light we missed a turn on the trail and found ourselves bushwhacking the rest of the way down to the Beeline Highway. Had to crawl under a fence. But we did reach the highway before it got too dark to see. From there we walked back to my car. Somehow, Clara got stuck with more burs and cactus needles than I did. She was shaking down some new equipment for next week’s photographic workshop in Santa Fe. I sure appreciate her going with me!

Looking north from the Ballantine Trail, on our way up.
Catch that sunshine while we still can!
Lamp post saguaro stands over the Mazatzals.
Sunset.  We had better get down while there’s still some light.

Sunset on Sycamore Creek Road; Mazatzals, September 24, 2015

Sunset color is where you find it. Although the old road to Sunflower doesn’t go through, there’s a turnoff near the top where it joins the Beeline Highway. Here Clara and I got a few pictures before the sun set.

Boulder Mountain in the late afternoon sun.
Gibbous moon rises over the foothills of Mt. Ord.
The Iron Dyke is still in the sun.
Last rays on the pinion-juniper forest.
Towers on the march, as twilight deepens over the Mazatzals.
Clouds decorate the western Mazatzals’ silhouette.

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