Coronado National Memorial; Sierra Vista, November 4, 2016 GPS Map

Looked good in the Arizona AAA magazine, so Jacque and I decided to go there. It was an overnight trip. Starting from Sierra Vista we could catch the morning light and get home at a reasonable hour.

At the Coronado National Memorial you can try on chain armor like the Spaniards wore. Boy, is it heavy! Also it was made for someone lighter and younger than me. Like to never got the durn thing off!

Dirt roads are fine in my car, so we made the rocky, switchback climb up to Montezuma Pass. Going down on the west side there were many volunteers watching for illegal aliens, five one-lane bridges, and nine cattle guards. At Parker Canyon Lake we found pavement once again, and the road gradually improved as we continued north to I-10.

Hampton Inn, Sierra Vista, Arizona, November 4, 2016
:) Our room was clean, fairly quiet and comfortable.
:) Free parking right outside.
:) Good buffet breakfast included included with the room.
:) Wi-fi worked fine.
This yucca is labeled, so you don’t have to look it up.
Headquarters in Montezuma Canyon has a fine view.
Coronado went that-a-way.
Actually Ted wasn’t a member of Coronado’s expedition.
Jacque and Ted at Montezuma Pass.
Yes, compadres, we’re going all the way up there.
Huachuca Mountains, from the road to Montezuma Pass.
It’s a rocky, winding dirt road.
Border Patrol helicopter is making the rounds.
Passage 1 of the Arizona Trail goes through Montezuma Pass and over Coronado Peak.
Down Mexico way.
Rocky sentinel overlooks Oak Spring, west of the pass.
Clouds over the Whetstone Mountains, from AZ 83.

  Arizona Hike Pictures updated November 5, 2016