Route 66 - Topoc to Kingman; Arizona, February 5, 2016 GPS Map

February 5, 2016  

We didn’t get under way until after 10:00 this morning, so I wasn’t sure we would get to Topoc early enough to drive to Kingman by daylight on historic Route 66. But we did. I stopped many places to take pictures. The most amazing sight was five burros in Oatman. They were wandering the main road, acting as if they owned the town.

It’s a scenic drive, up and over Sitgreaves Pass. Must have been an adventure for the first motorists on Route 66.

February 6, 2016  

Someone put up new Burma Shave signs along Route 66 between Peach Springs and Seligman. Fifty years ago I last saw Burma Shave signs. Plenty of them around my home town of Joplin, Missouri.
→  See also: Rowsome, Frank Jr., The Verse by the Side of the Road, Stephen Greene Press, 1965.

We started at dawn from Kingman, going east on the historic highway. After starting flat and straight, the pavement winds upward into the mountains past Hackberry and Valentine, paralleling the railroad tracks. Although I’d been over those tracks on a Santa Fe passenger train, it was night so I couldn’t enjoy the scenery. Sensibly the highway engineers let the railroaders survey the route first, and then built the highway alongside — except between Topoc and Kingman.

Best Western Wayfarers’ Inn, Kingman, Arizona, February 6, 2016
:| Our room was quiet and fairly comfortable, but there wasn’t much hot water.
:) Free parking right next to the [outdoor] elevator.
:) Good buffet breakfast included included with the room.
:) Wi-fi was working fine.
Our journey into history begins at Topoc, Arizona.
Teddy bears, sagebrush, and Boundary Cone.
Dramatic rock formations on the climb to Oatman.
The Goldroad Mine.
At Sitgreaves Pass, 3550', the highway between Topoc and Kingman tops out.
Brrrr! It’s chilly and windy at the pass, so Jacque waits in the car. My GPS is recording the location.
Thimble Mountain. Kingman is on the other side of that distant ridge.
Late afternoon shadows on the cliffs.
arch arch
On the way down from Sitgreaves Pass, we saw an arch.

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