Show Low or Bust; Arizona, July 30, 2016  GPS Map 

A day with Jacque is really special. The two of us hadn’t been to Show Low for a while, so why not? I was hoping that last night’s rain had washed the sky. We started at mid-morning and got home before sundown.

Good news along the way: (1) Libby’s El Rey Mexican restaurant in Globe is open again. (2) The Salt River Canyon Rest Area has re-opened, with a new building and plenty of great places to take pictures of the canyon.

We enjoyed a fine lunch at Licano’s in Show Low, then drove home by way of Payson. On the way home we saw storms raging in the distance, but somehow managed to miss them all.

US 60 parallels Queen Creek on the way up from Superior.
The Pinto Creek Bridge on US 60 between Globe and Superior.
Arizona Eastern 4005 under the loading trestle in Miami.
Southern approach to the Salt River Canyon.
The Salt River just keeps rollin’.
Bridges, old and new. You can walk on the old bridge.
Leaving the Salt River Canyon, on our way to Show Low.
Beckers Butte.
Burned forest along AZ 260 is recovering, and about to get some rain.

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