Wupatki and Sunset Crater; Flagstaff, August 11, 2016  GPS Map 

It was raining hard in east Mesa when we got up. But the weather forecast called for scattered showers in Flagstaff. Turned out to be nice summer day. We enjoyed a spicy lunch at the Dara Thai Restaurant, then headed east and north to Sunset Crater and Wupatki.

My first time at Sunset Crater was in the summer of 1961. The famous Grand Canyon explorer Harvey Butchart was director of the Math Camp for high school students. He said we could join him on a day hike to Phantom Ranch in the bottom of the Grand Canyon if we passed his qualifying test. The qualifying test was to climb Sunset Crater in a certain length of time. These days you have to climb O’Leary Peak to see inside Sunset Crater. Anyway, I passed.

After some pictures, Jacque and I went on to visit Wupatki National Monument, with impressive ruins from ancient times. We drove the loop counterclockwise for a change of scene, then headed home. Got home around 8:30 PM.

Sunset Crater is a pile of loose volcanic cinders.
O’Leary Peak, from the road.
IMG_5117_288 IMG_5118_288
Lichens make intricate patterns on the dark volcanic boulders.
San Francisco Peaks dominate the western horizon.
It seems like only yesterday ...
The northeast side of Sunset Crater.
Ted and Jacque, adventurers.
Wupatki Community Room.
If only we could talk with the folks who lived here.
The Wupatki Ruins are well preserved.
Box Canyon Ruins.
Box Canyon Ruins.

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