Bulldog Canyon Loop; Goldfield Mountains, December 23, 2017 GPS Map

In the early winter the sun is late rising, so it’s easiest to get up for a sunrise hike. My goal was to make it by sunrise to the old boundary gate where FR 10 starts downhill. Didn’t make it.

Leaving home early, I was at Dome Mountain Trailhead by first light. As I started hiking I had to adjust the belt I was wearing. So I reached down and grabbed the belt buckle to adjust it. The buckle broke into. Can’t hike without a belt on! So I drove home and put on a different belt. Then I realized I didn’t have my cell phone. It must have dropped to the ground when that belt buckle broke.

So I drove back to Dome Mountain Trailhead as quickly as I could. Sure enough, there was my cell phone lying on the ground. It hadn’t been stolen or run over.

By then it was sunrise. Three horseback riders had arrived before I got there the second time. They were saddling up. I got to talk with them at the trailhead, then met them again in Bulldog Canyon later in the hike. Turns out they were doing the same loop but in the opposite direction.

I did get a few sunrise pictures. Other hikers and horseback riders were on the trail. On the roads, recreational motor traffic.

At sunrise, I was still at Dome Mountain Trailhead.
Dome Mountain, highest point in the Goldfields.
Peak 3134 and Peak 3089.
Roadcut shows cracks in the Miocene rhyolite.
First time I climbed hill 2685, I started from this side.
Bulldog Ridge Peaks 3195 and 3075.
lichen lichen
Lichens adorn the white rhyolite boulders.
These lichens dress up for the holidays.
Peak 3269 from Bulldog Canyon.
Opuntia bigelovii - Teddy Bear Cholla
Pyroclastic Cave.

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