Dixie Mine Day Hike; McDowell Mountains, December 15, 2017 GPS Map

Sunrise in the McDowells is so colorful from the Pass Mountain Trail that I just had to get closer. So I made this a sunrise hike. Got to Golden Eagle Trailhead at first light. The gate is only open from sunrise to sunset, but the guard unlocked it for me. “You look experienced,” he remarked.

There were other hikers on the trail, some with dogs. I met a group of five near the mine.

Today I turned around at the petroglyphs rather than boulder-scramble on up the canyon.

Thompson Peak is crowned with antennas.
Yes, this is the trail to the Dixie Mine.
Let the saguaro be your guiding light.
Sunrise color paints the rocks.
Saguaros and Teddy Bears at sunrise.
A rugged ridgeline in the early morning light.
Rocks and rilles of the McDowell Mountains.
Bright boulder lights the way to Thompson Peak.
leaves trail
Autumn color on the woodsy part of the trail leading to the mine.
sign sign
The entrance to Dixie Mine is closed for safety.
Colorful rocks near the mine entrance.
An ancient artist was here.

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