Garwood-Carillo Loop; Tucson, March 2, 2017 GPS Map

Hadn’t hiked in a National Park for 6½ years, so it’s high time. There is a Trailblazers description of this hike in Saguaro National Park, by Jeannie Van Lew. The club hasn’t done it since February 21, 1998.

The weather was clear and sunny. Only a few flowers were out, mostly fairy dusters (popular with the bees). Water was flowing by the dam and by the stock watering tank. Four horseback riders were the first people I met on the trail. Then there were plenty of hikers. Clara was waiting at Douglas Spring Trailhead when I got back.

Thanks to my daughter Clara for going with me to Tuscon and then driving me home.

The only sustained grade is on the Douglas Spring Trail, west of its junction with the Carillo Trail. So it’s probably better to hike the loop clockwise and get most of the climbing done early. The other grades are short and easy.
distance: 5.82 miles
elevation change: +-740'
low: 2743' (Douglas Spring Trailhead)
high: 3481' (northeast of Water Tank)

Cylindropuntia versicolor - Staghorn Cholla
Who says a cholla has to be green?
Saguaros gave this National Park its name.
Mt. Kimball stands out, looking northwest from the Garwood Trail.
Pusch Ridge and Mt. Lemmon rise above the saguaro forest.
duster duster
Calliandra eriophylla - Fairy Duster
Evergreen forest in miniature.
The dam is still there, but no longer holds water.
Teddy Bear chollas mark a local high point on the Carillo Trail.
Saguaro of many branches.
Dichelostemma capitatum - Blue Dicks
Dalea pulchra - Bush Dalea
Livestock watering tank.
lichen lichen
Lichens nibble on the rocks.

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