Alamo Canyon; Superior, November 2, 2018 GPS Map

Last time I was here, I saw equestrians riding in Alamo Canyon. Why not go back and hike it? They’ve moved the Arizona Trail from the west side of the canyon to the east side, but it should be easy to get down there.

22 years ago I’d hiked Alamo Canyon going the other way, on a Sierra Club hike led by Ken McGinty. Today I found a route down from the Arizona Trail into Alamo Canyon. The place where I entered the canyon was rough, but then the canyon evened out. Too soon, the road back to Picketpost Trailhead left the canyon on the west side.

Sunny and cool, a fine day for hiking.

There were already cars at the trailhead when I arrived. I saw one hiker on the Arizona Trail, going my way but far ahead of me. There were lots of tracks in Alamo Canyon—hikers, horses, cattle, and javelina—but all I met were a few cattle. More cars and people were at the trailhead when I returned.

Early morning clouds over Picketpost Mountain, from US 60.
Sawtooth Ridge from Picketpost Trailhead.
Silhouette of the Sonoran vegetation.
Hmmm, this looks like a good enough place to start down.
Alamo Canyon is rough where I first got in.
Picketpost Mountain, from Alamo Canyon.
rock rock
The rocks have intricate textures.
No, Teddy, I’m not about to hug you.
Melampodium leucanthum - Plains Blackfoot
Melampodium leucanthum - Blackfoot Daisy
Chipmunk poses for a picture before running away.
Butte on the east side of Alamo Canyon.
The scenery is better along the road.

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