Oldham Figure-8 Day Hike; Flagstaff, May 10, 2018 GPS Map

Similar to last year’s Oldham Loop I made it a figure-8 this time, starting west on the Rocky Ridge Trail.

Near Oldham Trailhead I saw a sign about temporary re-routing of the Arizona Trail. Oh-oh. I was planning to hike on the Arizona Trail. Now, would I have to go somewhere else? “Road Closed” signs didn’t say anything about the trail, so on I went.

There were hikers and bicycle riders scattered along the trails. When I got to the Pipeline Trail, two fellows were hiking it. So why not? It offered a change of scene. I got near enough to see the northwest end of the Pipeline Trail, and then turned right on a road that seemed to be going my way. It was.

Thanks to my daughter Clara for going to Flagstaff with me and then driving me home.

Today’s hike begins with a climb on the Rocky Ridge Trail.
The trail doesn’t go up on the Rocky Ridge.
Lichens brighten a trailside boulder.
So what, if the only flower is a dandelion?
Why, I can hold this pose for as long as it takes.
Hmmm, the sign didn’t say anything about the trail.
The Pipeline Trail heads for the hills.
This area is fenced off for aspen protection.
Trees grow out of the boulders on the west side of Mt. Elden.
Hair today, gone tomorrow.
“You’re almost there,” says baby sea turtle.

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