New York to London; Atlantic Ocean, April 27-May 7, 2019 Map

Norwegian Cruise Lines changed the itinerary of this repositioning cruise. Originally we were going to visit the Azores and then Portland, UK. We were scheduled to fly home on Thursday, May 9. The travel agent at AAA called us on the Monday before we were taking off to tell us about the change. I’m told that a dry dock became available two days earlier. After dry dock the Norwegian Getaway heads to the Baltic.

Lori Gonzalez, our travel agent at AAA, was very helpful. Things went as smoothly as possible because of her effort.

Best of all, I got to be with my wife Jacque away from home all this time. I live to be with her!

New York, Saturday, April 27

They gave us the full rigmarole at airport security. Good thing we got there early. Thanks to our daughter Clara for driving us.

Our plane took off from Phoenix at 11:00 PM on Friday, April 26. Then we changed planes in Detroit, to arrive at La Guardia Airport in New York for transfer to the ship.

What a night—I didn’t sleep at all because the airline seat was so uncomfortable. To their credit, Delta has an excellent system for tracking your fight on the screen. So I watched that.

We had breakfast, and then something strange happened. It let me on the Detroit Airport wi-fi network, but not Jacque. I don’t know why. But here I am.

Our flight from Detroit into LaGuarida was uneventful. On the bus from LaGuarida to the ship we got an excellent view of the New York skyline. Riding through the city we saw many famous sights of New York.

Our ship, the Norwegian Getaway, is bigger than any we’ve been on. It can hold 3,963 passengers plus a crew of 1,646. We got on board in the early afternoon, had lunch, then I went to the top deck to take pictures.

Historic jet planes on the right, before the New York skyline.
A friendly submarine.
This Concorde SST won’t be taking off.
More of the New York skyline.
I can fly faster than you can sail.
The ship has water slides on the top deck.
The ship won’t move until these ropes are untied.
What’s this?  An outdoor shower?
Jacque pays careful attention to the lifeboat drill.

At Sea, Sunday, April 28

After breakfast we walked around, then we heard a fine lecture by Baker Bloodsworth on the history of art for the last 30,000 years. The oldest known art object is a little statue of a fertility goddess.

Dinner at the Taste Restaurant was tasty. Then we went back to our stateroom.

I managed to connect to the Internet, but Apple Mail doesn’t work. So I got in on and checked my email. Jacque can check her email on my computer.

The Garden Café is a busy place.
They had paintings on display, and art auctions.
Lighted staircase leads to the casino.
Model of our ship, the Norwegian Getaway.
The Illusionarium has lots of lights.
Safety First on the rock climbing wall.
You’ve got to learn the ropes.

At Sea, Monday, April 29

We ate breakfast at O’Sheehan’s, then heard a lecture in the theater on Queen Elizabeth I, with pictures of many artifacts and places. Elizabeth was once a prisioner in the Tower of London. We’ve been there, but as tourists.

My old Canon compact digital camera went kaput. Brought it along so that both Jacque and I would have cameras. So I rescued the memory card, case, and straps, then threw the camera away. No great loss, since I got the camera for free with credit card reward points. Jacque can still take pictures with her iPod, which I fully charged.

Today the sun is shining but the waves are six feet high, so there’s more wind. This big ship rocks gently back an forth. Makes me appreciate the Pilgrims, who crossed the Atlantic in small wooden ships powered by wind, 400 years ago.

We had dinner at the Savor Restaurant sitting beside a New York couple. He was a truck driver who complained about the cost of getting a commercial driver’s license in New York. We told them about our Potsdam days.

Afterwards we heard a piano recital by Manny in the atrium. Very tuneful!

This is what life was like in Tudor England.
Our stateroom, no. 5818.
Lots of bars, all over the ship.
What do you have to say for yourself, Ted?
Crystal chandelier begins on deck 8.
Elegant dining on board the Norwegian Getaway.
The Guest Services desk is a busy place.

At Sea, Tuesday, April 30

After breakfast Linda Abrams gave a lecture about life abord the Mary Rose (1534), the Mayflower (1620), and the Titanic (1912). Now I understand why the Pilgrims were so eager to get off the Mayflower. The Titanic had first class, second class, and third class. First class wasn’t that much different from now.

While eating lunch we saw our first birds on this cruise. They looked like sea gulls flying eastward, the same direction the ship is going.

Talk about hot! When we saw “Latin Hits with Latin Express” people were dancing in the aisles. We didn’t join them, but talked with several of the dancers. Later we saw a short movie resulting from a collaboration of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali. I’d never seen it before, though it won several academy awards. Then we ate dinner and came back to our stateroom.

Morning serenade at the Garden Café: “Wash Your Hands”.
Jacque and Ted by a favorite painting.
Latin Hits with Latin Express.
View aft, from the top.
Walk the plank, anyone?
End of another day on the north Atlantic.

At Sea, Wednesday, May 1

This ship doesn’t have a self-service laundromat. They finally gave us a laundry bag and a coupon to get a bag full of laundry done for $20. So I transferred dirty clothes from our laundry bag to theirs. Will be done by Friday, they promised.

We overslept. Missed the morning lecture, and had brunch instead of breakfast. There we got to taking with a couple from Maine. They were of our generation, but had been married only four years. He had been a computer instructor with the Coast Guard, so we had plenty to talk about.

We saw another ship for the first time, a freighter off the starboard bow about four nautical miles away and going the same direction.

Stopped at the library and read for a while. Afterwards we went for a walk. By then it was raining outside, so we walked indoors. Then we came back to our stateroom and took a nap. Crossing time zones once a day will get you tired.

After a tasty dinner at Tropicana, we went back to our stateroom.

Ahoy there!  Yes, you!
Elegant Russian eggs for sale.

At Sea, Thursday, May 2

After breakfast we heard a lecture about the Merchant’s House in Southhampton. Built in the 16th century, it was damaged by an air raid in 1940. They could see some of the original wood construction and realized they had a valuable antique building. So the government bought the house and restored it much as it once was.

We skipped lunch, read for a while, then went to the Atrium for a special event. All the seats were taken. So we walked a little, had an early dinner, and came back to our room to floss our teeth.

:) Our laundry came back, washed, dried, and folded.

The main event was Levity: Comedy with Mark Viera, in the Headliners Lounge. He told jokes about being the father of teenage boys, writing a Christmas wish list, and eating too much cantaloupe at the Garden Café.

Dance lessons in the atrium.
We found a quiet place to read.
Jacque likes to look at handbags.
Shopping is a big deal on board.

At Sea, Friday, May 3

“Two Historic Buildings of Southhampton: The Red Lion Pub & the Tudor House” was our morning lecture. The main room of the Red Lion Pub is three stories high. It is still a pub, but may have been the site of the Southhampton Conspiracy trial of 1415. The Tudor House has had many owners over the years. Now it is a museum. The garden has been reconstructed. King John’s House, a roofless building next door, is on the same property.

While Jacque took a nap I went to the top deck to take pictures. A few high clouds gave me filtered sunlight. Then I met Jacque in the shopping area. We had lunch, and read for a while.

Well, I’m supposed to be taking care of Jacque this trip, but today it turned out otherwise. At lunch my right side started hurting. Then while we were reading in the library, I felt like I was going to throw up. So I told Jacque “I’m going back to our room.” When I got here I did throw up. Then I went looking for Jacque, found her, and we decided I should go to the ship’s doctor.

He gave me tests, told me I had a urinary tract infection and a kidney stone, gave me some IV stuff and three prescriptions before sending me back here. I took my old prescriptions, my new prescriptions, and then went to the Garden Café for some food.

Plenty of lifeboats.
Plenty of emergency supplies.
It’s a fine day on the top of the ship.

At Sea, Saturday, May 4

I got very little sleep last night, so I’ll have to take a nap. Anyway we had a late breakfast, then came back to our room and crashed.

In the afternoon we listened to a presentation on back-to-back cruises. It told of Norwegian’s newest ships, actual and planned. The trend is toward smaller ships of a different design, built in Italy.

At dinner we sat next to a couple from Colorado who were into real estate. I sure don’t know much about real estate, but I’ve been to Colorado and my mother used to be the high school guidance counselor in Grand Junction. Then we came back to our room for the evening.

Where the Garden Café ends and the pool area begins.
Ice sculpture in the making.
The indoor shower is better.

Le Havre, France, Sunday, May 5

Had a wakeup call so we would remember to get up early. Then we waited in the auditorium, got off the ship, and rode a bus to Paris. We got a grand tour of the city, narrated by a lady born and raised there. Then we boarded a dinner ship for a cruise along the Seine. The weather was partly cloudy with a few occasional raindrops. I had to take pictures through windows, but the windows were clean.

Finally we rode back to the ship. Jacque and I went to our stateroom, had some dinner, and came back for the night.

Modern convenience stop on the way to Paris.
We started our river cruise near the Eiffel Tower.
You can climb partway up.
Calm down, Pegasus!
You wouldn’t believe what goes on here.
Little red boat with a light on top.
What a fine bridge!  Then didn’t just substitue new materials for old.
Lots of gingerbread.
Replica to the Statue of Liberty, looking west.
Pegasus is sure popular.

Zeebrugge, Belgium, Monday, May 6


The Weather was cloudy and cold in Ghent, then it got colder and started sprinkling. Ghent is an old city which was once an economic powerhouse in Europe. We took a canal ride in a boat without a cover. The buildings are quite scenic. I put my camera in my pocket early to protect it from the rain. We were sure glad to get back to te ship.

Ted and Jacque on a canal bridge in Ghent.
They like to build Catholic Churches around here.
Ghent was spared during World War I.
Lights, and a fancy roof.
The golden ship is our navigational landmark.
Our canal cruise was in an open-topped boat.
These boats aren’t native, but they add color.
They don’t build bridges like they used to.
The castle was abandoned because it wasn’t heated.  We can understand that.

Mesa, Arizona, Tuesday, May 7

The formula   d = rθ   is the minimum distance between two points on the surface of a sphere, where r is the radius and θ is the angle separating them, 0 ≤ θ ≤ π.  Airlines know this, so they fly great circle routes. Admittedly the Earth is not a perfect sphere, but it’s close. When a great circle route is plotted on a Mercator map it looks like the flight is taking a curved detour toward the pole, but it’s actually the closest route.

We flew from London to Phoenix on a route that touched the southern tip of Greenland. Jacque and I had never been on a Boeing 747. The rows of seats were too close together, but British Airways gave us two good meals and plenty to drink. We liked one of the snacks so well that I saved the empty package.

We sure did a lot of walking getting off the ship, at the Heathrow Airport, and at the Phoenix Airport. I got home tired.

Thanks to Clara for meeting us at the Phoenix Airport and driving us home!

Lining up for British Customs before leaving the ship.
They drive on the left side of the road in Great Britan.
Plenty of shopping at London’s Heathrow Airport.
Patches of show on the ground and some clouds as the plane approaches Lake Winnipeg.

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