Rim Vista Loop; Mogollon Rim, May 31, 2019 GPS Map

Yeah, I’ve hiked the loop before. But I’m going to lead the Rim Vista Loop for the Arizona Trailblazers on June 29, so I figured I should hike the route and note any changes.

Started from the Military Sinkhole Trailhead going counterclockwise around the loop. I wanted to document changes in the Rim Lakes Vista Trail, where they’ve built a new communications tower. Good thing I went.

The Rim Lakes Vista Trail has been re-routed so it doesn’t go near the communications tower or the road leading to it. The trail now takes an eastward route and connects with the old trail farther north. The part of the General Crook Trail that goes along the fence line is marked at the south end, but not at the north end.

Met two hikers on the trail and a dozen more at the Military Sinkhole Trailhead.

Looking out over the mighty Mazatzals.
Arizona 260, from the Rim Lakes Vista Trail.
What a view these cacti have!
The trail has been re-routed away from the communications tower.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
yellow white
Not many wildflowers this time. These were on the Rim Lakes Vista Trail and the General Crook Trail.
Not much left.
Rocks by the General Crook Trail.
A cow and a spider have been here.
Forest carpet, on the rocks.
Leaves are backlit climbing out of the Military Sinkhole.
Folks enjoying the view at the Military Sinkhole Trailhead.
What a view!

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