Snow on the Superstitions; Apache Junction, February 23, 2019 GPS Map

With all the rain we’ve had the last two days, there ought to be snow on the Superstitions. But would it last until sunset? At 5:00 there was still snow, so I hustled over to Broadway Trailhead to take pictures of it. Lots of people were there, of all ages, some taking pictures, some flying drones, and some just enjoying the evening.

There were traffic jams on the Superstition Freeway, both directions. Broadway Trailhead was packed. Glad I started early!

We’ve had snow on the Superstition Mountains.
The South Peak had its share of snow.
Wouldn’t want to be up on the Superstition Ridgeline just now.
Shadows are getting long.
Sunset on the Superstition Ridgeline.
Northern Superstitions at sunset.
Peak 5057 catches the last rays.

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