Sunset near hill 2276; Goldfield Mountains, January 27, 2019 GPS Map

Patrick Fuchs backpacked all the way across the Goldfield Mountains from west to east. He invited me and others to join him on hill 2276 at sunset. I’m game. But I got off to a late start and couldn’t make hill 2276.

So I had to settle for sunset pictures from a nearby location. I climbed up to a ridge. It was steep. Then I took sunset pictures with my Canon G15 mounted on a tripod. Didn’t want to climb back down in the dark, so I started down as soon as the sun was gone.

There is a game trail near the top. But after a while it went the wrong direction, so I bushwhacked the rest of the way. I found out that the tripod works well as a walking stick, with its legs extended and clamped in place. Got back to my car before dark.

I saw some folks who were parked next to me, and just before getting back to the road I met Mormon Flat Dam employees in their pickup truck.

Nearby hillside in the late afternoon sun.
What a butte!
We live here, so it doesn’t matter.
Catching the last rays.
The lichens are brilliant any time.
Canyon Lake is in a magnificent setting!
Sugarloaf Mountain.
You had better leave before it gets dark.   The giant stone caterpillars can stay.

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