Walnut Meadows Loop; Flagstaff, August 8, 2019 GPS Map

Last time I hiked the Walnut Meadows Loop, I went clockwise with the Trailblazers. So this time I went the other way, without the Trailblazers. It’s good to get back on the trail! I did this hike without walking sticks, to promote healing of my right shoulder.

Met lots of hikers and bicycle riders on the trail. The weather was just slightly warm (upper 70s). Clouds rolled in at the end of the hike, but it didn’t rain.

The trail follows a power line, then turns southeast.
Beetles have a hard shell, so they can burrow underground.
Methinks I won’t sit on this stump.
Why don’t you blow the fluff off?
One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple Eater?  Well, maybe not.
Toward the end of the hike, clouds are rolling in.
Summer wildflowers cheer me:
pink red
yellow yellow
yellow pink
white blue

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