Pipeline Trail Day Hike; Flagstaff, June 17, 2020 GPS Map

Clara and I hiked the woodsy eastern end of Flagstaff’s Pipeline Trail, starting from Elden Lookout Trailhead. We turned around when the trail came out of the forest.

I’d done the same hike with Beatrix six years ago. I remembered a few things, but it’s amazing how much you forget after six years.

We met lots of people on the trail, including families with small children. But the most memorable thing I saw was three lizards in front of me on the trail. Two of them ran away before I could get a picture. Then I saw three more. They must like it there.

Elden Lookout Trailhead.
Alligator Juniper gets its name from its distinctive bark.
The famous "C" rock is near the trail junction.
Now listen up, you all!
One of the many canyons flowing down from Mt. Elden that we cross on the Pipeline Trail.
How did this boulder get its crack?
Agave with blossoms and fruit.
Believe me, I won’t bug you.
The lizard who didn’t run away before I could get a picture.
Lichens in Christmas colors.
green red
Wildflowers cheer us:
white red
yellow pink
pink yellow
We turned around where the Pipeline Trail comes out of the woods.

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