Sinagua-Continental figure-8; Flagstaff, June 6, 2020 GPS Map

Cool and breezy was our hike today. It was 46° when we started, cool enough that Clara asked for a jacket. “The walking will keep you warm,” I told her.

The wind kept blowing my hat off, but strangely it didn’t blow Clara’s hat off. They don’t make hats like they used to. I got it fron JerryCo, so I know it was high-class. Guess one size doesn’t fit all.

The first time I hiked the Sinagua Trail, there were lots of wildflowers. Not so many this time.

We met 20 people on the Continental Trail. All but one of them were going the opposite direction. One lady we met twice, on the Walnut Meadows Trail and again on the Continental Trail.

After the hike we made a happy discovery—Salsa Brava is open! So we had lunch there. Clara drove us from Flagstaff to Sunset Point, and I drove us the rest of the way home.

A road zigzags under the power line. No traffic.
What is this?
Wildflowers cheer us:
white white
yellow yellow
pink red
white white
Mt. Elden is topped by an antenna forest.
I won’t bug you, but you shouldn’t try to pick me up.
This one has me stumped.
How Campbell Mesa got its name.

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