Soldiers Trail Day Hike; Flagstaff, July 30, 2020 GPS Map

It was already in the 80s when I arrived at the trailhead, and the day didn’t get any cooler. Late in the hike some clouds blew overhead, providing temporary shade. My car thermometer read 104° when I got back, but can you believe car thermometers? It read 120° while I was driving home through east Mesa.

They’ve rerouted the Soldiers Trail on the north side, apparently to avoid a construction zone. I didn’t see any construction equipment there.

Despite the weather I met other hikers and bicycle riders. Saw a kid fall off his bike, but the leader was there to help him. Lots of wildflowers were out.

:)  The good news is that I completed the hike, on a hot day.

The Soldiers Trail makes a meandering loop through the Ponderosa Pine forest southwest of Flagstaff. There are a few hills but no big climbs. The trail is named for soldiers who served at Fort Tuthill, which began as a military base.
distance: 5.1 miles
elevation change: +-235'
low: 6943' (near Black Spring)
high: 7129' (top of the biggest climb)

Racing pavilion.
A stone wall whose name isn’t Jackson.
You’ve got to stand for something.
The trail has a few hills but no big climbs.
Wildflowers cheer me.
red yellow
white yellow
red blue white
yellow yellow
pink pink

Chugga chugga. The Old railroad grade.
Get in out of the rain.  What?  Today?
Old Fuzzface after hiking the Soldiers Trail on a hot day.

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