Mars Hill Trail; Flagstaff, August 21, 2021 GPS Map

This was an exploratory hike for both Clara and me. Thanks to my daughter Clara for hiking with me and driving me home!

We had trouble finding the trailhead, which is Thorpe Park, and the Mars Hill Trail, which is just north of the park. Once we found them we were treated to a walk in the woods. The trail is sure popular! We met dozens.

After the hike we ate lunch at Salsa Brava in Flagstaff, then Clara drove us home to Mesa.

pink pink
orange yellow
red pink
blue mixed
purple white
yellow red
Wildflowers cheer us.
The trails are well marked around here.
Flowers everywhere!
No water today.
“Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” (trees, that is).
Field of dreams.

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