Arizona Trail; Flagstaff, September 11, 2021 GPS Map

When Clara and I hiked the Oldham Loop on May 6 we went counterclockwise. Today we were planning to go clockwise.

That was our plan, anyway. But Elden Lookout Road was closed, so we started from where it was blocked off. We went northeast on an unmarked trail to the Arizona Trail, then tuned left (west) to get to the Rocky Ridge Trail, followed it southwest until we could see the cars, and then bailed out.

We had lunch at Salsa Brava in Flagstaff, then Clara drove us home.

Mt. Elden, through the trees on an unmarked trail.
Flowers surround a fallen log.
Rocky Ridge from an unmarked trail.
Scouring, anyone?
The Rocky Ridge Trail has its ups and downs.
lizard lizard
Lizards who didn’t run away soon enough.
red pink
yellow yellow
yellow white
red yellow
purple pink
purple yellow
After recent rains, there were plenty of wildflowers.
Clara and the gatekeepers.

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