Wildcat Spring Day Hike; Strawberry, August 3, 2021 GPS Map

:)  Thanks to my daughter Clara for hiking with me and driving me home! We had originally planned to do this hike June 17, but fires got in the way and we had to change our plans. After recent rains, the fire danger is low.

I’d been to Wildcat Spring before, but didn’t remember the place. So it’s high time!

The weather was cool and sunny when we started. It was starting to warm up on our return trip, so we were glad we finished hiking in the morning. We had the trail to ourselves. After the hike, some folks drove up in a Jeep, looked at the puddle, parked the Jeep and decided to hike instead.

We ate lunch at El Rancho. I drove us to the gas station. Then we switched drivers and Clara drove us home.

This hike is described in Footloose from Phoenix, by Ted Tenny, pages 221-228.

Puddle on the road going north in Pivot Rock Canyon. Recent rains.
Lichens adorn a boulder.
This one has me stumped.
Clara points out a rock with a face.
rock rock
Rocks with Faces.
The trail takes us deep into Pivot Rock Canyon.
fungus fungus
Plenty of mushrooms.
blue yellow
yellow yellow
red white
We saw a few wildflowers.
Wildcat Spring is that-a-way.
Field of dreams.
“All I want is a place in the sun.”
bug bug
Butterflies, before they flew away.
“He looks like a V-8.”

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