The picture was drawn by Aunt Ruby, an accomplished artist.
my motherAda Landon [Goff] Tenny1910-1981
Aunt SammyThelma Mae [Goff] Robertson1907-1996
Aunt PetClara Jane [Goff] Youngblood1890-1971
Aunt RubyRuby Anne [Goff] Downs1905-2000
Aunt AnneAnne Landon Goff1910-1998
TanteMary Lewis [Goff] Derleth1904-2004
my grandmotherClara Jane [Hocker] Goff1867-1932

    John Goff, 1889-1941, was the oldest of my four uncles. Victor Bryson was Aunt Verne’s husband who served as Chief of Police in Joplin, Missouri, where Verne was their first police woman.
    The ball game is mentioned in “Past and Present” on the right column.
    George is Aunt Ruby’s son. He is referred to as George Goff although Leonard Downs was his father.
    Uncle Chig was Chauncy Isadore Goff, 1898-1945, my mother’s favorite. He was a redhead who played baseball.

    Aunt Anne must have been Tante’s roommate.

    Typical of summer in northeastern Oklahoma. The Old Home Place was near Adair, not far from the East Shawnee Trail and Jesse James Hill.

    The title my mother chose in this paragraph doesn’t quite match what’s on the top of the page. Typical of a 16-year-old? She had just completed her freshman year at Oklahoma A&M College in Stillwater.
    Aunt Anne seems to be the author.
    Ruby Ruth is my cousin Ruth [Downs] Sullivan. In 1927 Ruby and her children Ruth and George were living with the family.

    The author is Tante.

The Old Home Place, near Adair, Oklahoma.


Historic Preservation
    We found a family newsletter on my mother’s side, dated June 28, 1927. The paper was faded, folded, stained, and very fragile, so I couldn’t scan the text with an Optical Character Reader. So I scanned only the artwork on the top (which includes a few of the words). Then I typed in all of the text, arranging it in two columns as it was in the original. My commentary, linked on the bottom of the page, identifies the people and includes a GPS map showing the location of the Goff family’s Old Home Place, a farm near Adair, Mayes County, Oklahoma. The Goff family moved there from Springfield, Missouri, in 1920.