Joplin, Missouri, 1978

In 1978 I brought my wife Jacquelyn and my one-year-old daughter Beatrix to visit my mother in Joplin, Missouri, my home town. Despite all appearances the town isn’t pink. It’s just that color slides fade over the years, so I had to convert them to grayscale. If you have slides or color negatives that have been sitting around for three decades, the time to digitize them is now!

looking south on Main Street

The Connor Hotel dominates the corner of 4th and Main, with the First National Bank just across 4th Street. On the south side of Main the House of Lords is gone, replaced by a park. The magnificent Keystone Hotel has been replaced by a little nondescript box. Down at 6th and Main, the Frisco Building stands high.

looking southeast toward the train shed and viaducts

The train shed on the right led to the Frisco Building, where trains from St. Louis would back in for the station stop. The Pennsylvania Viaduct carried traffic over the tracks. Of Joplin’s four viaducts, it’s the only one going north-south. On the left is the Seventh Street Viaduct, which was part of Route 66.

looking northwest from the Seventh Street Viaduct

In this view the Pennsylvania Viaduct is flanked by the Frisco Building on the left and the Connor Hotel on the right. The curved tracks once leading to the train shed were out of view to the right.

looking west from across Turkey Creek

I played my first baseball game in 1955 at the Little League Farm Club at 4th & Murphy, middle of the picture. In the foreground are Turkey Creek and Murphy Boulevard. The tracks on the other side are Kansas City Southern, where the Flying Crow and the Southern Belle rolled along between Kansas City and New Orleans.

looking southwest from the site of the Third Street Viaduct

By 1978 the Third Street Viaduct was long gone, but I took this picture from its eastern approach. The Frisco Building and the Connor Hotel rise from the other side of the KCS tracks. The dog kept a wary eye on me, but didn’t mind being in the picture.

updated December 2, 2016 more pictures of Joplin