Ted’s first home, January, 1967

As a college senior I had come home to spend Christmas with my family. M.I.T. was still on the late academic calendar, which meant that all the students had to come back and take finals in January. So I dutifully lugged home all of my textbooks, but then never cracked a book and lugged them all back.

snow on the cedar tree

Our new year began with a fluffy snow that piled up on tree branches. But it didn’t last. The wind came up and shook the branches, causing a little blizzard at the base of the tree.

Arkansas pine

Twenty years earlier on a trip to Arkansas we had brought back a pine seedling and transplanted it in the corner of the yard. The tree grew and thrived in its new Missouri home. My mother’s 1955 Chevrolet – the best car she ever had! – is parked in the driveway.

looking northeast from Second Street

No tracks through the snow on the sidewalk. Picturesque snow has decorated the hedge and the cedar tree and the pine tree, with a snowdrift coming off the roof.

looking northwest from Second and High

The little house on the right was on the same lot, rental property, once occupied by a friend of the family who owned a restaurant in Webb City. The big tree in front of the house fell victim to insect damage and had to be cut down.

Chicken House, looking north from Second and High

Second Street was still open between High and Comingo. Now the street is closed and the chicken house long gone. It supplied us with eggs and chicken dinners.

looking north on High

The property has an easement, dated 1905, for the Southwest Missouri Electric Railway Company to build a streetcar line along High. The tracks were never built, although Joplin had streetcars all over town in its heyday.

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