50th Central High School Reunion, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2013
Was Physics Impossible?

A classmate told Miss Bridges that Physics was “impossible”. But I knew better. There was an impossible class, and it sure wasn’t Physics. It was Orchestra.

Mr. Lawless did his best for us. But invariably, certain students would be studying during rehearsal. Woe to the student musician who was caught hiding a textbook behind the score on the music stand! Finally, in sheer desperation, Mr. Lawless announced that he wouldn’t allow anyone to study during rehearsal unless they brought a note from a teacher stating that they had practiced their instrument in class. That settled it.

Physics was easy, especially for Beuby’s Bombers. We had our home room song,

    B O M B E R S,
    Bombers, Bombers, you’re the best.

    . . .

One day Mr. Beuby gave a Physics test, and it was easy. Joe and I finished the test in half the time and handed in our papers. Then, with the instructor’s permission, we went to the Lab to practice our violins.

We had a concert coming up and one of the pieces was Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral, from Act II of Lohengrin by Richard Wagner. Why, Elsa wouldn’t even go to the cathedral if we played it without enough practice! So Joe and I sawed through our second violin parts for the duration of the test. Then we returned to our seats in the classroom.

After class we told Mr. Beuby about the deal Mr. Lawless had made. I didn’t think Mr. Beuby would, but he wrote an official note to Mr. Lawless to the effect that Joe Durham and Ted Tenny had practiced their violins during Physics class.

We dutifully presented the note to Mr. Lawless. But he still wouldn’t let us study during Orchestra rehearsal.

 updated June 21, 2017 ,  class of 1963