Ted’s Arizona Hike Pictures
West Central East

A camera is essential for hiking in
Arizona. Many of my pictures are
in trip reports written for the
Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club,
some by other authors. More
pictures are in photographic essays
of various hikes.

At least 8 different cameras were
used over the years. Finally I’ve
settled on a Canon G7 digital
camera – excellent optics with
reasonably light weight.

This is to remind you of my hiking
career, and to share pictures with you.
I might never hike again. But I trust
God. He knows what’s best for me.
I sure can write!

If you notice any hike that wasn’t
included and both you and I were
on, please send me an Email with
the date, destination, and trail,
and I’ll include include it,
pictures or no.