Ted and Clara on the Flatiron
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January 27, 1996
Our last move was to Mesa, Arizona, in 1991.

Clara is wearing the Stanford sweatshirt. I’d climbed to the Flatiron twice before with friends, but this was Clara’s special time.

Is’s really eight climbs in one. You start out in Lost Dutchman State Park, where the Siphon Draw trail begins as a park trail. Then it becomes a rocky road up to the Palmer Mine. From there on it is a mountain trail, past the Crying Dinosaur to the Teaspoon.

The Teaspoon, as big as a football field, is like climbing a steep roof. Then you climb through the portal, two rock formations like the smokestacks on a river boat. After the portal a big boulder scramble begins. It lasts all the way to the top. There’s a bit of a trail on the right side halfway up, but it doesn’t last.

The top ten feet are a precipice. A tree growing out of the rock helps you get up. Then it’s an easy walk over to the Flatiron.

The precipice is scary on the way down. You can’t see where your feet are going to land. Grab hold of the tree and swing your feet over the edge. Then let go. The ground is still there.

Clara did fine. She is faster than me, but didn’t leave her father behind in the dust.

Over the years I’ve done many hikes in the Superstition Mountains, Goldfield Mountains, and all over Arizona.