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Ted and Jacque on top of Mt. Lassen, July 20, 1974.

Jacque and I first met at Old First Presbyterian Church in San Francisco on December 7, 1973. They were having “Sing Along with Handel” that evening. Neither of us sang in the choir. But for some reason I was there, and for some reason Jacque was there. We got to talking afterwards. I could tell she was a really charming young woman and a wonderful person, but nothing else happened.

Four months later the telephone rang. It was Jacque. I instantly remembered her. She needed someone to lead the prayers and read scriptures in church the following Sunday. “Sure, I’ll be glad to. And why don’t you meet me at the young adults’ fellowship on Friday night? I’m giving a talk on astronomy.”

She did.
In less than four months we were married.

Jacque grew up on a farm in Red Bluff, at the north end of California’s great central valley. We had gone up there so I could meet her parents, Dareld and Beverley Vestal. She also has a brother D.R. whom I met then, and a sister Cyndee whom I met the following year.